About Patricia Martin

Hi, I’m Patricia Martin, and I am a dog owner who lives in an apartment. I have always loved dogs, but I hesitated adopting mine, because I was worried I would not be able to give him the exercise and fun he needs without a yard for him to play in.

One day at the local shelter, the director told me how I could adopt a dog and give it a great life, even in an apartment. She said that I could keep a dog of any size happy without a yard by taking him for a long walk every day and taking him to a local dog park as often as I could. She helped convince me that I could finally fulfill my dream of adopting a dog that has now become my best friend.

I created this blog to show others that they can give a dog a good home, even if the dog doesn’t have a large home with a large yard. There are many dogs in shelters who would love to live in any size home instead of a shelter. Dogs do need exercise, but dog parks make it easy to help your dog get the exercise he or she needs.

There are so many great dogs without homes that no one should hesitate to adopt one, no matter where they live. As long as you can give your new dog love and afford basic supplies and veterinary care, then you have all you need to give him a good life.