Jan 21, 2016

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Cheering on Your Favorite Sports Teams: How Your Dogs Can Be a Part of the Fun

Although your pets cannot come with you to a sporting event, they can be part of the fun when you watch a game at home. There are several pet accessories that allow you and your pets to show your team spirit and team support. The following are just a few of the items you can buy for your dog or cat (most are meant for dogs though, sorry kitties!).

Pet Collars Featuring Sports Teams

If you want a simple accessory, like a Lakers dog collar or a Seattle Seahawks dog collar, then there are lots of pet collars featuring these and other sports teams. Most of these collars are woven and imprinted with a team logo or team-related theme. If you also need a collar for your cat, invest in one of the collars that have a break-away fastener. (The break-away fasteners help kitty avoid getting caught on any object that might leave him or her trapped, dangling or in danger, since cats have a predisposition of jumping and running over, up and around objects that could snag the collar.)

Pet Harnesses and Leashes

If you want the whole world to know that you support specific teams, you can also buy pet harnesses and leashes. That way, every time you take your dog (or cat) for a walk, people can see which team or teams you support. If you have more than one pet that you walk, you can show your support for more than one team by having each pet sport a harness and/or leash with a different team logo. This may also be a helpful identification tool if you have several pets that look exactly alike (e.g., four black labs of the same size, age and coloration).

Pet Costumes, Sweaters and Clothing Accessories

If you really want to go all out, there are lots of pet costumes, such as a football player and a cheerleader outfit in which you can dress your dog on game day (cats might not be so cooperative with dressing up, but you can try). In addition to pet costumes, there are dozens of doggy sweaters for dogs of all sizes, and they all feature at least one of your favorite teams. If it is too hot out where you live for a costume or sweater, you can always purchase a bandanna or doggy shoes for your pet that feature your preferred teams. (You can even get team pom-poms for your pet’s front paws!)

Check out vendors such as Collar Kings for more information about suiting your pet up for the big game.

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